PCT: Day 159

North Cascades

Miles today: 22.6

Trail miles sum: 1756.7

Trail location: 2436

Elevation: 4694

Spinning on the turntable: Billy Joel: Live through the years

The helicopters continued to move about the valley this morning in their search and rescue. I have no idea of any specifics.

A thru-hiker died this week in a freak accident and it’s certainly on my mind.

PCT Washington

Missing bridge

I had an early morning bridge crossing today. Too bad the bridge was missing! I crossed the river by carefully walking across on a log.

The helicopters this morning heighten my sense of awareness of the dangers of remote hiking.

North Cascades

Remote hiking

I can hear the waterfall from the glacier melting from several miles away.

PCT Animals

Camouflaged frog

I’m crossing many tiny little streams and noticed frogs in many of them. They blend in well huh?

PCT Washington

Such great views

I’m bumping into weekend day hikers all over the place. Many are local, can spot a thru-hiker, and want to chat. I’m game to chat but I also want to keep it in check. “I have miles to go before I sleep…”

PCT Washington

Wooden trail section

I’m absolutely burning through my podcast downloads. The loneliness of solo hiking is getting to me a little bit.

PCT sign post

Busy trail intersection

It’s nice to have trail signs posted at busy intersections! It’s crazy to hit intersections with no signs. (Follow the Altra footprints and you’ll stay on the PCT.)

Trail meal

Coucous for dinner

I tried out a couscous concoction for dinner tonight that I had picked up at PCT days in Cascade Locks a few weeks back. It was ok, but nothing special.

PCT Washington

Dinnertime view

This was my view while eating dinner. I camped about 100 feet from here back in the trees.

PCT Washington

Dinnertime selfie

I chatted with another thru-hiker while I was eating dinner. He’s 25’ish and pushing his daily miles to meet his deadline for air travel back home.

I’m extremely careful to not ask anyone what’s next on their agenda immediately after the PCT. Some hikers are already entering into a transition period of beginning to incorporate non-thru-hiking life with thru-hiking. One hiker told me that in ten days he’ll be back at work sitting behind a desk.

My dinner companion completed the AT last year and will soon complete the PCT. I inquired about the CDT for next summer. He kind of laughed or moaned and said that he’s not sure his body will be up to it after this year. Preach it brother.


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