Miles today: 24.4
Trail miles sum: 1866.9
Trail location: 2549.2
Elevation: 4552
Spinning on the turntable: The traveling Wilburys collection

I started the day with the big climb with all the switchbacks that I mentioned yesterday. It wasn’t terrible. It was however, very wet.

PCT Washington
Cold cloudy day

When I reached the summit I could smell a fire. A few other hikers had camped near the trail and had a fire burning in a pit. As much as I wanted to stop and warm up, I continued moving forward.

PCT Washington
Walking into the gray

I’m having a challenging time with my fingers in relationship to the cold. It’s difficult to perform fine motor skill tasks like sliding a zipper, opening a candy bar package or using my phone. The cold and wet environment is wreaking havoc on my body.

PCT Washington
Log scrambling

Today there are many logs crossing the trail that require navigating, over, under or around. This tree was a “under”.

PCT Washington
Downed trees
PCT Washington
Now that’s a big fallen tree

This tree was an “over”. Sometimes the larger trees have notches cut into them for foot placement.

PCT Washington
Mossy rocks

The green growth covers everything on the ground. I imagine if I laid down on the ground I’d be covered in moss and green growth pretty quickly too!

PCT Washington
Wooden bridge

I’m expecting to wrap up WA this week. I will skip Stehekin tomorrow and push on to meet up with Noelle the day after that at Rainy pass. (I carried an extra days food to make this feasible.)

PCT Washington
Creek crossing

I really want to be done with WA. The views, when I see them, are incredible. The rain is challenging.

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