Miles today: 25.2
Trail miles sum: 1934.5
Trail location: 2616.8
Elevation: 6558
Spinning on the turntable: The Killers: Direct Hits

It was nice to hike today without the constant rain.

PCT Animals
Squirrel sighting

Tedium, yet again, in the continual up and down in the green tunnel.

Flowers of the PCT

These berries sure do look like cherry tomatoes! I have no idea what they are, but they look yummy.

PCT Washington
Cascades view

Many hikers all seem to be funneling into this final stretch. I’ve seen more hikers in this area then I’ve seen since early on the trail in Southern California.

Other hikers are also suffering from broken down bodies. The almost continual rain of the past week or so has accelerated the breakdown rate.

I’m not sure how I feel as I approach the Canadian border.  It’s just a jumble of thoughts and emotions.

It seems like we’ve been out here on the trail for a lifetime and it yet seems like we just started hiking yesterday.  

Today I heard hikers saying goodbye to each other.  Those that I would say goodbye to are already gone due to injuries, accelerated schedules, or completion.  

I thought I’d make close friends out here on the trail and that hasn’t happened.  It has been challenging with trying to balance van life and thru-hiking life.  Even when I have the chance to socialize at camp at night I tend to do my own thing.  

The age gap rears it’s head in so many different ways.  I’m not returning to school, looking for my first job, my first internship, etc.  In one camp I was startled that the hikers naturally separated into younger and older groups.  I was uncomfortable with the separation.  Each group was dismissive of the other group. How very strange. Together and still separated.

PCT Washington
Crest trail

Yet here I am almost at the Northern terminus of the trail and most of the older group is long gone due to injuries.  I’ve not assimilated as well as I thought I would with many of the hikers.

Some of the younger hikers do behave as entitled teenagers.  Frankly, they’re easy for me to ignore.  I drop them into that “bucket” and don’t worry about it.  Other older hikers have expressed deep frustration that the younger hikers won’t talk with them or acknowledge them.  I’ve found the same thing at times, but I don’t worry about so much.

Some of the older hikers behave as if their hiking history and knowledge is pure gold and all younger hikers should suckle up to the teat. Yawn. Some of the older hikers bore me too! I drop them into a mental bucket as well.

I spent the past few years working with millennials. If we’re willing to listen, they have much to teach us. If they’re willing to listen to us, we have a few things to teach them too. I find the “middle ground” missing at times on the trail.

PCT Washington
PCT in Washington

I believe I met a SOBO thru-hiker with the trail name of “Beansack” today.  She had a devilish grin when she introduced herself.  I played it absolutely, completely stoic and didn’t touch the name question…but I was sure curious.

PCT Washington

Getting closer to the border

Almost there…

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