Miles today: 14.6
Trail miles sum: 1970.8
Trail location: 2653.1
Elevation: 4247
Spinning on the turntable: Yann Tiersen: EUSA

Guthook Screenshot
Weather Report

Looking at the weather forecast this morning and seeing snow isn’t so surprising. It’s been cold and damp the past few days and felt like snow. Looks like I’ll miss it by roughly twenty four hours.

PCT Washington
Taped up feet

Two weeks of hiking, on and off, with wet feet, hasn’t been kind to my feet. I started developing blisters on the top of my feet so I patched them up with Leuko tape. I have several more toenails that are ready to exit stage left.

I opted to start the day with the same music that I began the trail with on day one. I wanted to close the loop, so to speak.

PCT Washington

Snow clouds on the horizon

As I hiked I tried to think deep thoughts. To dig really deep to find something profound. I failed. I just came up empty.

PCT Washington

So cold

The clouds obscure most of the mountains so I’m left with my music for entertainment. What I really want at this moment is to be done with Washington. I’ve hiked in and around the rain for two weeks. It’s enough. If I had initially started hiking the trail and the conditions were like this, I would have quit. It’s not very much fun.

I’m seeing SOBO’s that just left the border and are trying to make it through both WA and OR by the end of October. Ouch. Wet.

I’m also seeing thru-hikers that touched the border monument and are returning to Hart’s pass to hitch out. (No Canadian entry permit.)

PCT Washington

Alpine lake

I was looking at this lake when another hiker asked me if they should hike to the border or turn back and return to Hart’s pass due to forecasted snow. I tried to help them logic their way through the decision making process, but they wanted me to make the decision for them. I would not make their decision. They opted to turn back, just 5.9 miles short of the border.

PCT Washington

PCT Northern Monument

This is the northern PCT terminus. If you follow the tree line down the middle you can view the separation between the US and Canada.

I knew what the border monuments looked like, but I was expecting it to be a larger open area in the woods. It was actually pretty dang small.

Noelle had hiked in from Canada to meet me. It was a very nice way to wrap this section up. We took the obligatory border pictures and headed up the trail into Canada.

PCT sign post

Welcome to Canada

We hiked 8 miles out from the monuments to reach the trail head.

PCT Washington

Noelle on the trail

I was very happy to reach the trail head. The trail head equated to the ability to stop hiking! I gave Noelle a big hug and a kiss. Together we started hiking this trail at the Mexico/California border and together we hiked on this trail at the Washington/Canada border.

Within a half hour of our reaching the trail head it was pouring. I am grateful that I’m no longer in the rain.

Time to dry out and figure out what comes next.

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