PCT: Day 191: Going for broke

Signs of the PCT

Miles today: 27
Trail miles sum: 1997.8
SOBO Trail location: 1302.8
Elevation: 5651
Spinning on the turntable: U2: The Joshua Tree

Pacific Crest Trail
Wooded trail

It’s so good to be back on the trail! The air is crisp and clear. When we bumped north from Kennedy Meadows to Old Station in June I recall how great it was to hike on a very flat trail. Today was similar. What a great location to start hiking again. The (relatively) flat terrain, pine tree needle covered trail combined with great weather made this a near perfect day of hiking.

Sun's coming up
Sun’s coming up

It so great to hike when it’s not raining! I can’t even count how many times today I said “I am grateful that it’s not raining”.

Pacific Crest Trail
Sagebrush on the trail

I happily hiked today. How lucky am I? After weeks of stress it was a joy to be back, comforted by the awesomeness of nature.

Snowy Mt Shasta
Snowy mountain

It’s great to see new mountains, but the amount of snow is a bit disconcerting. Seems like there was no snow on the mount in July.

PCT Creek

This is why I hike. It’s so peaceful. I’m so glad that we came down to California to continue our hike rather than call it a day in Washington!

The blooms are gone

It’s crazy good to be hiking out here going into my third consecutive season. It’s fall but winter isn’t too far away.

Snowy patches

Snow is on and near the trail. I’m keenly aware of the ice puddles in the middle of the trail. I’m navigating carefully to keep my feet dry.

Noelle in the sunshine
Noelle in the sunshine

Noelle hiked out to join me this afternoon and we hiked back to the van together.

Today I was nervous that the time off trail had stolen my trail legs. I’m happy to report that my legs feel good. I may just be able to pull this off!


  1. Ashley

    So proud of you for getting back out there!!! Badass.

  2. Chainsaw Manlove

    Congratulations to you both for continuing your PCT adventure! You were supportive children to your parents in a time of need, and now you are continuing to live your PCT dream.

    Waking up with smile on your face and walking with a smile means you made the right decision for yourselves.


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