PCT: Day 206: Reunited

Day: 206

Direction: Southbound

Trail location: 1385.7

Cumulative miles hiked: 2105

Miles hiked today: 8.41

Elevation: 5518

High/low temp/humidity : 77/57/20

Spinning on the turntable: Morrisey: I am not a dog on a chain

My home for a night

Today I’m headed into Quincy to meet up with Noelle. We’ve been apart for about a week while she was in Southern California picking up Cupcake.

So far I’m not taking a great deal of pleasure from the past week. The temperatures have been high and the hills steep.

Headed up the trail

I met a hiker last night that had just crushed a 27 mile day. He was beat down, but excited to head for home in Houston to reconnect with his wife after three months of hiking.

I listened to him talk about if he wanted to return to the trail in the exact spot he’ll leave it in a few days, or if he wants to jump ahead and rejoin his tramily upon his return. Sounds like he’ll be off trail for a few weeks. I saw logic in each choice, but since he didn’t ask for my input, I didn’t give any.

The hike today wasn’t too difficult. Early morning uphill for a few miles, followed by a easy six miles to the trail head.

I hung out at the trail head for a few hours until Noelle arrived. I was quite content to hang out under a tree and doze a bit. We’ll spend the next day or so sorting food and switching gears from a couple backpacking to a solo backpacker.


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