PCT: Day 209

Day: 209

Direction: Southbound

Trail location: 1403

Cumulative miles hiked: 2134

Miles hiked today: 13.74

Elevation: 3031

High/low temp humidity: 89/57/15

Spinning on the turntable: Diana Krall: Sunflower

The trail behind me (North) has been closed due to a forest fire. I’m not seeing too many hikers, but I chatted with one fellow. He told me that NBTH are leaving the trail at Sierra City and returning to the trail at Chester. I’m a bit gobsmacked at this. That’s trimming about 125 miles off the trail to skip a 20-30 mile closure! I must be missing something.

I like being back with my own gear, versus carrying mine and Noelle’s gear. The weight difference is minimal, maybe one pound, but the emotional weight is heavy. I think I’m walking just a little bit easier.

Can you identify this print?
Trail Magic

I saw this water cache this morning and had to scratch my head. There’s a water source a few miles ahead, and a water source a few miles behind. Sometimes I wonder

Burn out

I’m now hiking into a burn out section. Lots of NBTH are telling me that’s it’s horrible. We’ll see.

Middle Fork

I skipped the tape on my feet today and both feet promptly coughed up hot spots. Sigh. I’ll keep taping them and hope they improve soon. These are new shoes for me, so I’m not sure the fit is perfect. I can feel my feet moving around inside the shoes just a little bit.

I soaked my feet in the river again today. It’s just delightful.


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