PCT: Day 231

Direction: Southbound

Trail location: 1675

Cumulative miles hiked 2019/2021: 2330

Cumulative miles hiked 2021: 314
Miles hiked today: 9.5
Elevation: 9265High/low temp/humidity: 74/40/30

Spinning on the turntable: Peter, Paul and Mary: The very best

OK, today I officially feel like shit. I’m dragging. I can’t believe that I’m a month into this hike and I’m still suffering with this level of weariness. I started the day with a hill climb. A steep hill climb. I was checking Guthook at one point and the grade was around 30%. 30% ! No wonder I’m dragging.

The two hills yesterday, plus the hill today, have really done a number on me. I guess that I still expect that I can bang out big miles like I did two years ago, but I can’t, or I won’t. Not sure. What I am sure about is that I’m bone ass weary today.


I’m running into a lot of these stairs. A. Lot. Of. These. Stairs. I’m staring to wonder just how much state/federal funding Yosemite has been given. Holy crud, there are a lot of these. Unfortunately, it seems that many of the stairs were made by Keebler elves, for Keebler elves. Talk about some tight tread!

As a “Bigger”, or “Husky”, or “Chunky”, or just a “larger” fellow, these stairs are the bane of my existence. Many of the steps are far too small for even half of my foot to fit on them, so I’m working my way up these steps on my toes. Not great. Not all the steps are like this, but many are exactly like this. I’m not sure what’s worse, going up or going down these stairs. Going down these stairs requires that I pay really close attention. I need to descend at an angle with my of my foot on the stair tread. I avoid, like the freaking plague, any situation where my knees are twisted like this. It’s just inviting disaster. End of rant.

My total miles today are pretty low and I’m a bit discouraged. I literally staggered into camp and took the first site that looked viable. I headed for the lake and stuck my feet into the water for a good 20 minutes. The blisters are hanging out nearby so the cool water soaking is helpful.

Time for a soak!

I was chatting with a North Bound Section Hiker tonight at camp. He’s about 65 and he’s been section hiking the PCT for about five years. He works about 6 months a year and then does his own thing for about six months a year. He recently finished section hiking the AT after 11 years. I have tremendous respect for the section hikers that work on a long trail over a span of years. Years. That’s an amazing commitment. He was telling me that he wished he had found the PCT before the AT. He’s enjoying the PCT much more. More open spaces, more pleasant trail grade, fewer assholes.

He’s having a hard time with this section of the trail and is concerned about the upcoming (North) fires, so he thinking about throwing in the towel and calling it a season soon. Can’t say that I blame him.

Camping by the water

It was nice to have someone to chat with for an hour or so. I shared a camp with someone else about a month ago, but other than that, this is the first time I’ve shared space with anyone else at night. It was both nice and a bit off putting. I’m accustomed to my own company. Dinner by 5 or 5:30, clean up and in the tent by 6:30, reading until 7:30, bed at 7:30.


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