Spinning on the turntable: Eagles: Greatest Hits 1975 and 1980

I originally began this post discussing our great day of killer miles and high wind. There was one point in the day, oh my gosh it was epic! I had the Eagles playing “Take it easy” in the earbuds as we were treking along a ridge line with amazing views. Epic! In any case, that’s not the post you’re getting today.

Today is about poo, sans pictures. For the easily offended or mortified, we’ll see you tomorrow!

We talked about this post and decided that it’s (poop issues) real and something we deal with on a daily basis while hiking, so we’ll share it with you.

We purchased Imodium AD, new toothbrushes, toothpaste, water bottles and additional hand sanitizer at the pharmacy last night. We were concerned that we picked up a bad batch of water somewhere and it was giving us diarrhea, so out with the old and in with the new.

We use water filtration systems (Sawyer squeezes) but we don’t chemically treat the water before we drink it. We’re carrying water purification tablets but don’t use them. They’re for an emergency in case the Sawyer squeeze malfunctions.

In any case, today I’m ready to buy stock in Imodium AD. Call it what you will, I’ll call it a very much appreciated and blessed cork.

So far I’ve only hit the Daily Double once but the possibility of hitting the trifecta, or perhaps a grand slam, leaves me in awe.

Single=Pooping on shoes

Double=Pooping on shoes and on the clean up bag. Clean up bag contains small cat hole hand trowel, wet wipes, bag for dirty wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

Trifecta=Pooping on the shoes, the clean up bag and the trousers.

Grand slam=?

Keep in mind that we’re both dealing with explosive diarrhea. (Noelle here: oh my word, are you really writing that??? 😳😳) Trying to urgently locate a remote location to dig a cat hole that can’t be seen from the trail, drop trousers, drop the under wear, crouch, aim and fire. It’s a bit complicated when the upset stomach delivers an immediate evacuation notice.

We’ve both had our separate moments of humiliation, caught like a deer in the headlights, when a fellow hiker comes bouncing around a corner like a jack rabbit and we’re slightly, uh, exposed and in a vulnerable position.  We try to tag team these events and one of us will stand guard a few meters away on the trail to block any potential drive by victims.  Well, we stand guard after putting in our earbuds.

So here’s to hoping that next week is a little more kind to our intestinal tracts!

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