PCT: Day 27:

Hiding from the rain

Miles today: 7.4

Trail miles: 239.5

Elevation: 7922

Spinning on the turntable: Alanis Morissette: havoc and bright lights

Tonight I’m sleeping in two pairs of socks. After the rain/hail/snow it’s downright cold.

[wpvideo g6Bzmsul ]

I’ve not yet acclimated to high temperatures during the day and freezing temps at night.

[wpvideo sQSIitSN ]

With lower than expected miles yesterday and today we have to look ahead carefully. We projected our travel time to the next resupply town and bought food accordingly. We can squeeze out an extra day if we must, but don’t want to carry too much extra food due to the dead weight.

Looking forward to picking up the bounce box, I’m curious how much weight I’ve lost.

We also have a post office resupply to reconcile. We forwarded an unopened bounce box (meds, vitamins, laptop, food) from Idyllwild and shipped Amazon food to the Big Bear Post office. Open Monday – Friday. If we miss the Post office we’ll end up cooling our heels in town through Monday. Not a big deal if we end up staying in town for a long weekend, but, we’re trying to minimize our hotel bills and maximize our time on trail.

We’re talking about staying at a hostel when we roll into town. It’s an unknown environment that has us a little nervous. Based on our very brief time at “Mike’s place”, where I learned about “table pot” it makes me curious what we may learn from a hikers hostel.


  1. Lorena Ferry

    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Chainsaw Manlove

    Looks like you could use a nice and snug clean room Gore-Tex suit to slide into for extra warmth in the tent, Steve. Want one shipped your way?

  3. rosiewalking

    Be wiser than the pot using “idiots”on the trail . I know it is prevalent on the PCT, to bad.

  4. MOMnDAD

    Hey guys-great photos as usual. You guys got sand, as they say in Colorado-AMAZING!. I’m sure we are enjoying the reads more than you are enjoying the experience now. But you will enjoy the reads more as the trek continues. Keep on trekking you guys are making family history and content for fireside tales for years ahead. LOVE ❤️ Mom n Dad

  5. Anonymous

    Sure, I’ve broken bones while crashing motorcycles at 100+mph. But this? You guys are tough!! Not sure I could do what you guys are doing. So much PROPS!! <3

    Jason 80


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