Noelle here:

After a few days of recovery, we started out again this morning. I was excited to get going and we were packed up to leave early. 

We passed long trains…or they passed us. We went through a tunnel under the tracks. That was really neat!

PCT Day 41
Tunnel vision
PCT Day 41
Steve in the tunnel

Then we walked. My shoulder ached from the extra weight of carrying so much water (there’s none for the next couple days). My lower back pain kicked back in and I was puke-y from the antibiotics. After a few miles I decided it was enough. We sat for a morning break, I handed over some of my food. Then Steve kept going up the hill and I turned back to the motel. That was so hard to do. I cried. I saw him get a little tear-y. I hiked ten miles today just to end up where we started. I just couldn’t keep going up in elevation. That’s so hard. I passed hikers who thought I was a South-bounder or who joked I was heading the wrong way. Mostly I felt so discouraged, even knowing it was the right call for my body.

I’ll meet up with Steve tomorrow in Wrightwood. I know it’s just one night, but it’s pretty weird being the one to watch his mileage on the GPS. It’s pretty weird to take a nap and wake up without him. We’ve been together 24/7 since we started this journey. I’m just feeling so “off”.

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