PCT Hat Creek Rim

Noelle here:

We started out early today. It was a cool evening which is great for sleep.

Our goal was ambitious for me but the terrain looked doable. And it was so nice out.

Steve at Hat Creek

Steve at Hat Creek

The Hat Creek Overlook was beautiful. We could see Mt Shasta towards the North. Burney Mountain and the tail end of the Cascade Mountain Range. It feels exciting like we’re getting closer to home!

About six miles in I was starting to feel queasy. About eight miles in, I turned back.

The call of a flushing toilet was just too hard to pass up. I still did sixteen miles, just not all the same ones I thought I’d do!

The dusty PCT

The dusty PCT

Felt a little better the next day, so I hiked in a couple miles to meet Steve near Baum Lake.

We rock hopped across a creek,

Stopped to smell some flowers,

and crossed over an aqueduct.

After lunch, Steve kept going and I drove to Burney Falls.


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