Hi Readers!

Have we said thanks for following us? Thank you! We really appreciate the time you’re investing in our PCT thru-hike attempt.

As Noelle mentioned in her post PCT: Building Community, you’re part of our trail family. Each month we’re just tickled to see where you’re geographically located when you read our blog. (We’ve heard that you enjoy looking at these lists too.)

Last month we loved that Mel from Norfolk Island replied to let us know that he was reading our blog! We’d love to hear from you too. Don’t be a stranger! We’re genuinely curious about our readers!

We’re glad to see that the Greek love for our blog is still present…but perhaps waning a bit. Turkey is in the house too!

So many places that we’d love to visit, but that’s a different hiking adventure.

As always, if you like our content, please share it with your social media peeps. There’s a whole load of sharing buttons at the bottom of every post. We’re grateful to each of you who’ve already shared our blog with your peeps! Thank you!

See you on the trail-


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