Noelle here:

I’m sitting on the porch at Kennedy Meadows waiting for Steve to get here. He should be here soon. It’s a huge milestone out here. The hikers waiting on the porch clap for the arriving hikers.

It was one of the stops I was looking forward to the most, so my feelings are pretty mixed.

I’m excited for Steve to get here. I’m excited for hikers to clap for him. It’s an elite group who makes it here. Steve is part of that. I couldn’t feel more happy for him!

I don’t know how the whole clapping thing works. Like when does it start. How do they know it’s a hiker just arriving as compared to a hiker who’s been here for a day or two?

For the last two days I’ve been at the campground, away from hikers, it’s been quiet but nice. Some people are excited to see me here, some don’t realize that I’ve driven, so they’ve congratulated me. That’s awkward.

It should be any minute and I just can’t wait to see him! πŸ’•

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