PCT: Old Station Mile 1377

Steve at Old Station

Noelle here:

Well I can’t believe it but we finally got back to the trail! We drove from Red Bluff to Old Station this afternoon in a pleasantly uneventful trip. We’re surrounded by trees, maybe pine or some type of fir. It feels comfortable, like closer to an environment we’re used to.

We’re currently parked by the Fill Up Station, where the van will stay for a couple days. The staff here are friendly and let hikers camp and leave cars at no charge. It’s nice to be back among hikers again, even though so far we haven’t seen anyone we know. Guess we’ll get in another bubble and meet new friends.

We ate some dinner and ice cream cones and now we’re tucked in for an early bedtime and early start tomorrow. We’re hoping to hike 16 miles to a water source then we’ll camp.

Next day I’ll hike back to the van and then drive ahead, while Steve will hike forward to his next camp.

Our packs are waiting for the next adventure!

Update: we’re still here! Steve was pukey again last night and this morning, so we’re taking a van day. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon, but no more ice cream for him! In the meantime, our packs are still ready. 😁


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