Noelle here:

Sending hiker resupply boxes to trail towns is so easy. The post offices get it. There are hundreds of other boxes, so they have good systems. Having one of those trail towns send a box backwards to a regular town is not so great.

Because I’ve slowed us down so much, we needed some of Steve’s medication that was waiting for us up the road. I called last week and they forwarded our two boxes here to Palmdale. Apparently they’re in limbo now so we’ll head back to the post office again this morning for the third day in a row and hope they find them. We know they were delivered five days ago, just no clue what happened to them since!In the meantime, we contacted the doc at home for a refill in case that box is lost indefinitely. Glad there’s a work around but it’s so frustrating.

We did get boxes here from a couple of our daughters and from friends, so I also have a couple more clothing options. What a treat! I feel so fancy with two pairs of pants!


Packages from home

The good news is that the van’s generator is fixed, as are the wipers which decided to quit while driving back to the trail on Steve’s van-zero.


Me and Tracy


Affordable RV

Tracy fit us into his very busy schedule and took great care of us. If you live in the Palmdale/Lancaster area, we highly recommend his shop!

Another great thing about regular towns:


Sour apple martini

John made me my first ever sour apple martini, while his wonderful stepmom, Rosie, made dinner for all of us. We’ve kind of decided to just do hiking loops around here and keep coming back to their home!plus they have the coolest dog, Nigel! 🤣

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