Happy New Year

Day hike

Noelle here: We’ve stayed pretty busy lately. More busy than you’d expect for not having jobs. 🤣

We hiked in snow and sunshine one afternoon in Colorado!

We were back in the Portland area for the Christmas holidays, just being with family ❤️. Getting a chance to unwind for a bit. Drinking a lot of yummy Christmas cocktails! My word, I could write my own cocktail blog, well minus all those amazing recipe pictures, which I’m no good at! We’ve also been spending time with grand pups, which is always good for the soul!

Our granddog Mowgli
Our granddog Lucy

We talked with a website guru and he’s going to help us update the website. So look for some changes in a couple months. I’m super excited to have a better format that we can actually update a little easier.

Now we’re back in Colorado ringing in the New Year. Oh the sunshine! It’s glorious. Can’t wait to see one more daughter next week, then back to Portland for a few more days. Then Thailand! I’m so excited. Also a little blasé to be honest, as there’s still a lot of ground to cover between here and there. I’ll kind of believe it once we’ve boarded the plane.

Happy new year, everyone! Make it an adventure filled one.


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