So what’s next for us?

Noelle here:

All along we’ve planned to take two years off from regular jobs and life.

We knew we were hiking a trail, then returning home, then heading to Southeast Asia for a few months. We planned a lot for the trail but so far no solid plans other than knowing we want to travel to Thailand & Vietnam and possibly back to Japan as simple tourists. Steve has worked there for many years but there are still a few places he’d like to just visit.

We’ll rent apartments and stay “in one general place” for a month or so at a time as a home base. We’ll let you know as we know more, but we’re thinking two bedrooms so we can invite guests. Wanna join us?

For the blog, over the next month we’ll finish writing gear lists and reviews. We’ll clean up some posts and try to give more logistical information. If there are specific gear items or topics you’d like to know more about, just let us know. We’ll do our best to address them.

At some point, we’ll probably continue regular (daily?) blogging again, but for now it will probably be more sporadic.

We’re helping Steve’s parents move this week. And we’re planning to do a little hiking and backpacking here in Colorado. We also plan to spend time reconnecting with friends and family. In Denver, in Tulsa and back at home.

After the holidays, we’ll head to Vietnam or Thailand or Japan. It’ll be a different kind of adventure, but we hope you’ll come along.


  1. Carol and Greg Langan

    As we were here writing Christmas cards it dawned on me that we don’t know where you are.. Greg and I made a big move this year and now live in Lady Lake Florida.

    • mcgarveysan

      Hi Carol. I texted Greg our address. What happened to Arizona? 🤣 hope your holidays are wonderful. N

  2. Bill

    Thailand has better weather Jan and Feb (cooler for Thailand, clear and dry). Tourist visas are 30 days maximum stay. It’s our second home.

  3. Heidi L Halverson

    Good luck as you journey into the heart of darkness.

  4. Briget

    I’m so glad we’ll be able to keep armchair traveling with you! I am bed bound for a few days recovering from a stem cell procedure (cells harvested from my own body and injected into my lower back) Crazy high pain yesterday – already better today – and long term, should give me my mobility back!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow! The journey continues. I look forward to following your blog. Enjoy your time with family and friends for the holidays.

    God bless,
    Liz from FresnoRetro


    Awesome! Where in Vietnam will you be going? Paul spent a year there while in the Army.

  7. Cindy Christiano

    Would love to see you guys while in CO if time permits. Be careful if you are near the springs. Air quality due to the Salida/Decker fire is bad, especially for your parents. We were just there. I will check in with Thunder in case you have time to see him. Great life story, enjoy your life! Cindy


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