Hi friends and family!

Colleen, here’s further proof of life…we know…it’s been a while!

We’ve been super busy in Colorado Springs since we returned from Vietnam to quarantine earlier this year. We then stayed to help liquidate and sell Steve’s parents’ home and extra belongings. Now that the house is sold, we’ve begun visiting friends and family and we’ve been concentrating on updating our website. We hope you’ll enjoy the new look and feel. Be sure to let us know what you think as it’ll roll out soon.

More exciting news is that we’re switching the way we’re sending updates too. We hope you’ll like this new platform where we can email you, in addition to you still getting our updated blog posts in your inbox. We’re still figuring it all out and we’re fairly certain there will be a glitch or two (most likely human-caused), so please be patient. Of course you can opt out at anytime, but we sure hope you stick around, as we’ve got lots more to share. Unless we hear from you by email, we’ll be adding our regular followers to our new email server in the next few days.

Vietnam and Thailand captured our hearts earlier this year and we plan to share more about our visits there. We’re also working on some long-overdue gear reviews from our backpacking trips, as well as putting together some packing lists for more relaxed travel. We’ve got a lot of excitement to share over the next few weeks and months.

Finally, in addition to a new website, we’re adding new ways for you to connect with us thru Patreon. There will be more info to come, but just know that even though we’ve been quiet, we’ve still been working (& playing) in the background.

Thanks for following along with us so far and thanks for continuing to adventure with us!

~Steve and Noelle

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