Truck Camper Christmas Spirit : Come see!

Life in an Arctic Fox Truck Camper -E6

Truck camper Christmas spirit! Who’s in? 🙂

Ah Friday! The best day of the week huh? Oh, Wait! It’s only Thursday!

In honor of the Christmas Holidays, we’re kicking out this weeks episode a day early! We hope that on Christmas Day you’ll be celebrating the day as 2020 allows you to celebrate it. Whatever our Christmas “norms” are, we’ve thrown the out the window this year as we travel in the truck camper.

Truck Camper Christmas spirit
Even Buc-ees is into Christmas Spirit

We did manage to send out our Christmas cards this week, so that was a relief. (Say, did you know that we send Christmas cards to our Patrons too? Hint, hint. Also, last week, we rolled out this week’s Episode, with bonus Patrons-only content. So head on over and join the Cupcake Club.)

We’re working on redefining what the Christmas celebration means for us this year. Decorating the inside of the camper was cathartic in it’s own way. It may be loud and garish, but it’s our loud and garish! We’re far from our friends and family during a time of year that we’re usually surrounded by our friends and family. So it’s a bit of a weird feeling for us. But our truck camper Christmas spirit is definitely shining through!

So, without further delay, join us for this week’s episode! And hey, do us a solid and give us a thumbs up, a comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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