Truck Camper Repairs: How to stay on the Road

Life in an Arctic Fox Truck Camper E3

Truck camper repairs are just part of ownership. Staying on the road means making the repairs. But winter is fast approaching as we leave the Northern Cascades and head for Glacier National Park. It seems that we’re racing the clock against cold weather while we still try to relax and enjoy the scenery. Yet we still gotta hustle to stay ahead of the incoming winter season.

truck camper repairs on top of the roof
Time for some truck camper repairs!

We’ve not yet experienced winter driving in Cupcake. However, what I do know is that Cupcake loves to catch a strong breeze and rip us across a lane (or two) of traffic. That unexpected gust sure gives us the wake up call! Adding snow and ice to the mix makes me a tad bit nervous.

So join us this week as we streak, or slowly meander, our way across Northern Washington, Northern Idaho, across Montana and land inside Glacier National Park. Then we realize it wasn’t what we were expecting, at all.

Along the way we start working on Cupcake. We’ve been together for about six months, and we need to start addressing a few of her annoying issues. This week’s truck camper repairs include fixing a drain pipe on the roof, a little touch up to the bathroom fan, in addition to replacing the door guides on our bathroom slider door. It’s all in a day’s work! And we even got to hike after the work time was done. So it’s a good gig if you can get it!

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