Tour our Truck camper -The mega version

Truck camper

Come on in and tour our truck camper! As promised, this week we’re delivering an expanded version of the truck camper tour we gave you last week. Better news, it’s all new content!

You might be wondering what’s the difference between last week’s tour and this week’s tour? Do I really need to watch again if I watched the short version? Well, that’s a great question! Thank you very much for asking it! This week we’re popping open all the nooks and crannies and taking a hard look at what’s hiding under the covers. We’ll show you inside the cabinets, inside our clothing storage and give a little more information on the exterior. If you tour our truck camper this week, you’ll learn more than you ever thought you need to know about our lives. Hmm….

What do we really think about the Arctic Fox 990? Did we make a good choice when we selected the 990? Do we have any regrets? We spend a little more time talking about the pros and cons of our camper during this week’s episode.

There’s just so much content that our episode ran long this week! Way long! Too long? We’ll let you be the judge of that. Get some popcorn and a cold beer. Prop up your feet and Enjoy!

Truck camper tour
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