Truck camper tour-The short version

Truck camper tour

Who wants a truck camper tour??? Not so long ago (OK, maybe it was a few months ago), one of our Patreon’s said “Hey, I’d like to see a tour of Cupcake”. Today, we’re giving you part one of that tour.

The version we’re posting today is a just a short and sweet summer kiss, clocking in around fifteen minutes. Next week we’ll be rolling out a much longer truck camper tour that clocks in around 45 minutes. Here’s the fun part, the tours are different! HA! We rolled camera (captured film?) twice and have two similar, yet very different versions of the tour.

Today is more an overview of the exterior, with a little more in depth of the truck camper interior. Next week, we’ll talk about bit more about what works well and what we wish were a little different. It’s more in depth about how well the overall layout works for us and how we actually use the space.

Check out this article if you’d like to know our thought process in choosing an Arctic Fox 990.

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s video over on the Tube. Enjoy. And as, always, we hope you’ll hit the like button, subscribe and leave us a comment!

Truck camper tour
Cupcake at Lava Flow CG at Craters of the Moon


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