Van Life: Drive Line

PCT NorCal

Noelle here:

Transmission fixed! Woo hoo!

Bob at Bob’s Red Bluff Transmission was awesome and took great care of us.  He’s a great guy with a very clean and actually beautiful shop!

We packed up and were ready to go the next morning. Went a mile down the freeway and turned around to come back to Bob. The van was shaking and really loud in the back.

Turns out the driveline was bent. Most likely from the tow but who knows. We came back to the Hotel California where we can apparently check out but never leave. 🤣

PCT NorCal

Best Western

Seriously the staff here are super nice too. So nice that even once the van was fixed again, we just kept staying.

PCT NorCal

Noelle and Liz

PCT NorCal

Go to the doc

Steve has been under the weather so we’re trying to make sure he’s mended enough to hike again. I guilted him into going to urgent care so I don’t have to worry about him any more than normal on the trail.

We’ve been working on some videos, which has been pretty fun. We’ve watched a fair amount of Fixer Upper and Chopped. And a few movies on HBO. I’ve gained weight. I think Steve has too. I’m ready to walk for awhile.

Supposedly we’re going back towards the trail tomorrow. I’ll kind of believe it when I see it at this point.


  1. Scottsan

    Fixer Upper is a great show for a drinking game. Drink every time Joanna puts ship lap up, mounts a sliding barn door, or installs a kitchen island.

  2. VFat

    If you have Prime try “Documental”. Ten Japanese (subtitles available) comedians in a room (Big Brother-style) each contribute 1 million yen (about $9,200) into a kitty. Then they try to make each other laugh. Each laugh or loss-of-control gets you a yellow card. Three yellow cards gets you kicked out.

    Last person standing wins the 10,000,000-yen kitty.

    The first episode of each series consists of coming into the room and seeing who they’ll be competing against (all different comedy styles…but all very culturally Japanese). Sophomoric at times (dick jokes and vacuum cleaners) and sometimes extremely subtle to non-Japanese (especially in the power/dominance themes). It really gets going in the second episode.

    Laughed my ass off.

    • mcgarveysan

      We’ll definitely watch it! Sounds just like our humor. Have you seen the Japanese game show where they’re going through obstacles? Like a frozen mountain they climb up (& slide down). It’s hilarious.

      • VFat

        If that is your kind of humor then my regard for the two of you is even higher.

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