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I’ve been sick for about four days now. It’s Bangkok Belly. It’s a thing. The first day was just a little upset stomach. I thought it was because I ate a whole mango, part for dinner, part the next morning for breakfast (refrigerated in between). The second day was a little worse so I took Immodium.

We learned about Immodium while hiking the PCT. It worked! Fast!

Well, not this time, it didn’t. We went to the Muay Thai boxing and I spent a round or two in the bathroom. I was still in denial though.

That night was wretched. Just wretched. I was hallucinating, yes I think it was a hallucination not a dream, that there were 108 golden Buddhas sitting in a pyramid. I thought if I could wai all of them, I’d be well. The problem was that they kept moving, like floating around. I heard myself making funny noises aloud as I tried to count them. This went on for a couple hours, even around trips to the bathroom.

Wai (pronounced “why”) is a way of greeting or showing respect, based off the Indian namaste. It’s a slight bow or nod with the hands pressed together in a prayer-like symbol. Your palms aren’t flat together but instead are rounded as though you’re holding a lotus bloom. The higher you raise your hands, the higher the status of the person you are wai-ing. So for Buddha, your hands will be up at your forehead.

How to Wai

I spent much of the night in the bathroom. Even laying on the cold tile a couple times. 😳 I was burning up and the coolness felt good. Plus it seemed too far to walk back to the bed. And this is a tiny room. Tiny. As in no privacy. Tiny. Just wretched.

Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping. I drank a sprite through out the day. I started a three day z-pack of antibiotics our travel nurse gave us. Hopefully it will help.

Last night I woke up to severe cramps and a dash to the toilet while even I could hear the cat-like mewling escaping my lips. Did I mention this is wretched? 😂

Today I am feeling better! I took a scheduled shower and was planning to go out with Steve for a bit. The shower turned out to be enough of an adventure as I weakly went back to bed. I’m feeling stronger than yesterday but so weak. It’s weird.

Yesterday Steve tried to get me some rice from a street vendor we’ve gone to. She gave him grilled chicken on a stick instead, so he ate it. His smile was so hilarious as he was explaining it to me. 😂 Today he got me steamed rice from 7-Eleven. I ate half of it and boy was that delicious. I’m thinking about having the other half now. He takes good care of me. Day two of the antibiotics and I’ve now been to the toilet twice…just to pee…I’m so excited. I know it’s too much information but dang this has slayed me. I’m even thinking of going out with Steve for dinner. I’m not planning to eat. But I think I’ll go with him.

Day three of the antibiotics now. I’m so much better. The worst part is still cramps. And feeling sore like I got the Muay Thai kick to the kidneys. I’m drinking more. And had noodle soup today. It’s a clear broth and so far so good. Yay! I’m on the mend.

Not the most fun of posts. But I guess I’m just trying to keep it real. 🤣

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