Emptying the black & Gray tanks

Life in a Arctic Fox 990-Episode 11

Emptying the black & gray tanks isn’t sexy and it’s not always pretty, but it’s a part of living life in our camper truck!

This week we’re exploring muddy brown swamps of Louisiana and the black and grey water of our dump tanks. Yep, they’re kind of all the same. Brown swampy water and more brown swampy water! First we took a boat ride with Honey Island Swamp Tours to see what it looks like out on the bayou. That was a very fun ride and an experience we highly recommend. Read more about it here.

So after a quick jaunt down the river, we head a couple miles down the road to a Mississippi rest area. Emptying the black & gray tanks is next on our list and thankfully, we can do that for free at the rest area.

We even find a little time to crawl back on top of the camper for a little rest and relaxation. Ha! Time to check out the seals and do a bit more gluing and reinforcing.

So come on and jump in with both feet as we do a little exploration! I’ve been waiting to say this for such a very a long time, “Shitter’s full!”

Hope you enjoy this week’s video episode! (With a little luck no one will rev up the microwave!)


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