Full-time Truck Camper Living: A week in the Life!

Life in an Arctic Fox 990- E10

Episode 10! Full-time truck camper living has some boring weeks and some exciting ones. We’re really excited to share our VLOG with you this week. There are some weeks of travel that are simply less than memorable. We’re just moving from Point A to Point B. Nothing all that exciting happens, we’re just bodies in motion.

In our marriage, Noelle and I often talk about the need to have quantity time together in order to create the possibility of quality time. With that reasoning, we can’t just jump into travel and expect that every moment will be a Hallmark moment (but yet we do!). We travel and then we travel a little bit more. Some weeks are a lot of fun and some weeks aren’t so much fun. The fact that we’re traveling together, day in and day out, means we have a large quantity of time together. That allows us to be open to the possibility of brand new experiences when the opportunities arise. Quantity of time equals the possibility for quality of time.

Full-time truck camper living gave us the chance to explore a bit. We hiked around the Paint Mines outside of Colorado Springs. It’s a chalky and fun experience! Check it out the blog post here.

This week a brand new travel experience came our way, and we jumped on it with gusto. We boondocked at a rest area, which wasn’t super great, but was efficient. Then we found a Llama Farm on Hipcamp. What? Feed llamas at camp? Sign us up! I would dare say that the experiences we shared this week during our travels will be experiences that we’ll talk about for years to come. Full-time truck camper living is sometimes pretty awesome!

Enough with all the chit chat, let’s get down to business. Enjoy this week’s episode!

Full-time truck camper living
Paint Mines


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