Having a flat tire in the desert on the truck camper. Yikes! One of our fears about boon docking is the truck dying on us. You know, not starting, not turning over, the transmission shitting the bed, bad diesel fuel… You know. Fill in the blank with your own car break down fear!

So, for us, boon docking generally equates to long stretches of dirt roads with few, if any, neighbors. That’s the whole idea of boon docking. (It’s a socially acceptable manner for introverts to be introverts while pretending that it’s something else!)

In any case, this week I’m heading back towards Colorado from Louisiana and Noelle is heading home to Oregon. We met up with her sisters and our brother in law in Louisiana to finally lay her parents to rest. We had a good time visiting with family. However, it’s strange to spend so much time in the truck without Noelle. On the other hand, it was also kind of nice to have a few days to just enjoy the solitude and the scenery. Having a flat tire in the desert wasn’t quite so nice, but all’s well that ends well!

Hope you enjoy this weeks episode over on YouTube! Give us a thumbs up, while you’re over there.

flat tire in the desert
Flat tire in the desert! Oh my!
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