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Hiking, friends and Area 51. What a fun time! This week we’re pushing on the gas pedal a little bit as we make our way from the Pacific Ocean on the California Coast to Colorado. (Well, pushing the gas pedal might be a little bit of an overstatement, as we tend to poke along.)

Along the way we stop at Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce California and go for a hike on the PCT. This is the first time we’ve been back on the Southern section of the trail (that would be California Section D for those in the know) and it was interesting to hike the trail again sans backpack and sore feet.

We moved away from the Coast and met up with friends in Palmdale, California and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Outside of Las Vegas we headed for Area 51. I can tell you this little tidbit, one of us was very excited, and one of us wasn’t so excited about visiting Area 51. We’ll let you be the judge of who was who in the video.

Hiking, friends & Area 51
Area 51!

One of us enjoyed Area 51 so much that they’ll be writing a post about it this week!

In any case, be it hiking, visiting friends, Las Vegas, Area 51, or boon docking, we’ve got something fun for you in this week’s video. If you ever wonder, why do Steve and Noelle like traveling so much, this week’s video might just explain it. There’s just so much to see, and sometimes, we manage to see just a little bit of it. It’s weeks like this that keep us coming back to the travel trough.

Oh, we do pose a question for you in the video, so if you’d be so kind to give us a response we’d sure appreciate it!


  1. Ashley

    I would definitely like you to address us when you are working away. 🙂

    • mcgarveysan

      This we can do! Thanks for the feedback, from here on out when we look at the camera we’ll say, “Well Ashley…” 🙂


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