Life in a Arctic Fox 990 Episode 7

This week we’re excited to share our latest Arctic Fox 990 VLOG with you! We’re still headed down the California Coast and enjoying the warmth and sunshine of Southern California.

Honestly, when we left Oregon and headed South, this was the EXACT kind of weather we were seeking. We’ve been lucky enough to chase the sunshine for (almost) the past two years. There’s just something about sunshine on our faces that brings joy to our hearts.

We were lucky enough that we drove withing spitting distance of the PCT near Agua Dulce. We really had no choice other than to stop, jump out and go for a hike. It’s our first time back on the PCT in Southern California in nearly 18 months. Luckily, we jumped back on the trail at one of our favorite spots, Vasquez Rocks.

We’re lucky enough to stumble across some amazing sights this week as we headed South down the California Coastline in our Arctic Fox 990. Join us and see what we found!

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