Life in a Arctic Fox 990-Episode 12

This week we’re continuing our trek into the deep south. We visit a few cemeteries and say goodbye to our friend Paul.

When we sat down to edit this weeks episode, we realized it was just way too big for a single episode, so we’ve split it into two episodes.

In our first episode this week we’re visiting cemeteries in both Louisiana and Mississippi. If you recall from our post earlier this week, we both really enjoy visiting older cemeteries and looking at the tombstones. It’s especially fun when we wander through historic sites! The first episode is here for your viewing pleasure. I think, for me, (Steve), due to the constant blizzard of emotions dealing with my parents aging, the death of Noelle’s dad, and my own health challenges, I’m really focused on death and dying these days. A cemetery tour is right up my alley.

The second episode resides on our Patreon channel as member only content. (We’re pretty excited that we’ve been able to upgrade our GOPRO (Last week!) and add a new microphone based on the contributions from our Patreon members. When we shoot video outside we’re constantly trying to figure out the wind direction, and then block the wind accordingly with our bodies.) We’d really appreciate it if you’d swing by and send a few bones in our direction.

In our second episode this week, we’re taking a whack at etouffee. I’ve cooked etouffee before, but I’ve never tried cooking it inside a camper truck! Space is at high premium in Cupcake, and this recipe took a bit of work to bring together. We were concerned that the smell would linger inside Cupcake for days, and our concerns were well justified!

On the positive side, we do enjoy cooking, so if there’s something you’d like us to try cooking inside Cupcake, leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can do!


  1. Colleen

    Okay, you two – did you do it on purpose??? In your last post, you highlighted Dicey McDaniel, a potential ancestor of mine. This time you highlight the Blaize family – my son, Ryan’s ancestors???

    • mcgarveysan

      Haha. We’re making a whole website devoted to you and your family, Colleen. Are you only just figuring that out?! It actually is a small world when you think about it though, isn’t it. It’d be kind of neat if this was the Blaize family Ryan is a part of. Hugs to you. N


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