PCT: Cascade Locks

Bridge of the Gods

Noelle here:

My whole post could be one picture. Okay. Three pictures.

Bridge of the Gods
Welcome to Washington!
Steve, Danielle & the Grands
Grandkids (minus one)

But I’ll add some words to amuse myself. I got to Cascade Locks fairly early in the day. Found a not great parking spot. Felt a little overwhelmed by all the people. Worked on a video. Then our oldest daughter called to see if she and the boys (our son in law had to work) could join me to hike out to Steve this evening. I was like, oh heck yeah!

So then I couldn’t concentrate on anything but just kept watching for them in the parking lot even though I knew they hadn’t left home yet! I tried to make myself take a nap in order to make the time pass more quickly. It didn’t work. 🤣

They finally arrived. It’s been so long since we’ve seen our kids. I felt excited beyond words. Just getting to hug them was amazing. And knowing that the three of them were the beginning of family this week… I felt so much love!

We hiked out to Steve. Logan is 15 and an athlete, so he was way ahead of us! He got to Poppa first. Then Cooper ran up! Then Danielle stopped mid sentence and just said, “there he is!” There were tears all around…again…

And then we got to the Bridge of the Gods. Danielle and the boys drove ahead so I could walk with Steve. What a joy!

Bridge of the Gods
Woo hoo! Made it to the Bridge!

He doesn’t love heights, so that was something. But it was just thrilling to walk across that bridge!

Bridge of the Gods
In Washington!

Steve was so pleased with himself. I loved his joy!

I also loved that he held on tight! 🤣🤣❤️

Bridge of the Gods
Crossing the Bridge of the Gods

Danielle snapped a picture of us on the Washington side! Then we made our way to my sister’s for the night. A shower and a real bed! It was a very good day.

For the next few days we got to see kids and grandchildren and our niece/her husband and our nephew and my Dad! Such a treat!

We thought we’d see friends but we stayed so busy that we simply ran out of time.

We ate great food and relaxed. Steve got a check up and the doc’s thumbs up to keep hiking. 🥰


  1. Bertha M Fresquez

    Berha here of Albert and Bertha. I am so amazed at you both and yet not. You are such determined and persistent when you decide to do something. This whole trip is your testament to that. I love the joy in your photos, in your smiles and in your words. Keep on living your wonderful life. God has indeed blessed you and we love reading all of your travels and look forward to hearing all about your travels someday. With our love, always, Albert and Bertha

  2. Danielle Collins

    We were so excited to hug you both!

  3. Anonymous

    34 miles- I am so impressed.. Iron man next? Love, Mom n Dad

    • mcgarveysan

      I’ll skip the iron man for a foot soak and massage!


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