PCT: Day 136

PCT sign post

Miles today: 27.9

Trail miles sum: 1392.6

Trail location: 2073.9

Elevation: 3369

Spinning on the turntable: Bleachers: Terrible thrills, Vol 2

Today was all about trying for speed and distance. I’m disappointed about yesterdays hike mileage being so low, so today was about bouncing back.

PCT Oregon

Entering Warm Springs

I started the day entering the Warm Springs Indian reservation.

PCT Oregon

Misty lake

The mist was comforting to me. It’s just like home! I didn’t mind hiking through it at all.

PCT Oregon

Trailside camping

I had to snap a picture of this hiker who made camp a foot off the trail. Often these are the hikers that are hiking until dark and then grab an easy spot close to the trail. Noelle and I camped about five feet off trail during our first week out here.

PCT Animals

Bear scat!

Finally! Bear scat with berries! I’ve been curious why there’s been so little bear poo close to the ripe berries.

Flowers of the PCT


The huckleberries are delicious! You could easily pick a pint within just a few minutes.

PCT Oregon

Cold spring water

My water fill up station this morning was a natural spring. I really enjoy the natural springs. Usually the water is cold and delicious. Although this site looked a bit sketchy, the water was great.

PCT sign post

Sign-eating tree

I had cell phone reception for a spell this morning so I stopped and made a few phone calls. I’m lining up doctor visits for our time in Portland next week and for after we finish the trail. Its odd to make calls from the trail, but a necessary evil.

Another hiker immediately claimed my good cell phone reception location when I vacated it. Maybe life outside of the trail doesn’t exist for some hikers, but I think it does for most of us. It’s just a juggling act of taking care of business that’s off trail but not becoming too immersed in it. Lots of hikers (including me) suffer sleep deprivation in town when we have cell phone reception.

PCT Oregon

Almost home!

Noelle hiked out to join me for the last few miles and we hiked back to the van together.

Reaching the Mt. Hood sign was special. We’re back in our known hiking ground. I think we’ll have about a 300 mile stretch of trails that are familiar to us in this area. We’ve been hiking on and around the PCT in Oregon and Washington for years.

I did laugh at these markers today.

PCT Oregon

Pine cone mileage markers

PCT sign post

600 SOBO miles

Apparently the SOBO hikers have just a difficult time deciding distance as do the NOBO hikers.

As I head for sleep tonight it’s pouring rain with lightning and thunder. I really hope it stops by morning so I don’t need to hike in the rain.

Tomorrow I’ll hike to Timberline lodge and we’ll meet Trish and Ben, my brother and sister in law. It will be our first family “sighting” since early April.


  1. Angus McCamant

    Obviously your health is good and you have worked out a balanced diet. Your daily miles are impressive. My son just rode down 101 on his bike, the group went about 50 miles a day, on bicycles and smooth asphalt.
    I am very glad to see this is working so well for the both of you.

    • mcgarveysan

      Riding a bike on asphalt sounds like a heavenly dream at this point!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so impressed by the miles you’re putting in each day! Keep safe. Love the Oregon forests. Beautiful. It’s easy to see how you and Noelle can become so immersed in your journey. ❤️

    Liz from FresnoRetro


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