Miles today: 23.1

Trail miles sum: 1415.1

Trail location: 2097.4

Elevation: 6017

Spinning on the turntable: Paul Simon: The rhythm of the saints

Guthook Screenshot

Guthook Aug 24

Today was a gradual but progressive uphill climb. The temp is cooler than the previous weeks (months?) and hovering in the low 50’s. There’s rain in the air, I can feel it, it’s just a question of when.

PCT Oregon

Little Crater Lake

I headed for little Crater Lake this morning. Bonus points since it was just a quarter mile off trail!

The water is 45′ deep and I could see the bottom of the crater. The water clarity is amazing.

PCT Oregon

Lake view

I stopped and filled up my water bottles and ate a snack and then headed back to the trail.

I’m curious why woodpeckers would drill holes so close to the ground. Well, I assume it’s woodpeckers. Anyone know?

PCT Animals

Woodpecker holes maybe

It was nice to see a little Northwest humor.

PCT Oregon

Yeti sighting

Not so humorous to need to cross a major highway (26) on foot. At this point I shuffle but don’t run. I waited until I saw no traffic in either direction and then shuffled across.

PCT Oregon

Crossing Hwy 26

We met up with my brother/sister in law at Timberline lodge and ate dinner.

Timberline Lodge

Timberline with Trish and Ben

It was great to see family! We should start seeing our children within a few days.

We also had the experience of watching the Timberline Lodge staff scramble their Emergency Response Team for handling Hazardous Material.

A young girl vomited up her entire meal into two water glasses. It was an amazing example of physical control under pressure!

Timberline Lodge

Cup barf, haha

The family vacated the table. A bus girl attempted to clean the table off and a horrified manager stopped her and explained that the HAZMAT group needed to handle the clean up.

The manager grew weary of waiting for the HAZMAT team to show up and started placing the offending water glasses into separate trash bags.

When the HAZMAT team finally appeared they brought official hazardous waste bags.

The trash bags containing the water glasses AND the trash can the trash bags were placed in were bagged for removal.

Timberline Lodge

Haz mat to the rescue

Trish couldn’t stop laughing!

Timberline Lodge

Too funny!

I asked our server for a free round of drinks to compensate our table for the smell of vomit. No love.

Coming off the trail and encountering this kind of scene just made it over the top crazy funny. We (literally) don’t shake hands on the trail since we know exactly what you’re doing with your hands since we’re doing it with our hands too.

If this had been one of our kids we would have paid them an immediate cash bonus for vomiting neatly into the water glasses without spilling a drop. We’d most likely have added an additional cash bonus if they’d flush the vomit and rinse the glass out.

Timberline lodge is the most crowded location we’ve visited in a long time. It’s too crowded for me right now.

One year ago Noelle and I were hiking here and discussing the possibility of hiking the PCT. Today we’re out here doing it. Crazy.

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