PCT: Day 139: Mt. Hood

Hiking gear

Miles today: 17.3

Trail miles sum: 1443.4

Trail location: 2114.7

Elevation: 3444

Spinning on the turntable: Modest Mouse: Good news for people who love bad news

PCT Oregon

Mt Hood forecast

I woke at 5AM and looked outside. Raining, windy and cold. I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. The breakfast buffet at Mt. Hood opens at 7:30 and it sounded way (way) better than hiking.

The breakfast buffet was delicious and I ate far too much. After some discussion with Noelle I decided to skip the section of the trail near Mt. Hood that we hiked last year. Sorry, I’m a cupcake when it comes to hiking in the rain.

We moved about ten miles down the trail and I picked the trail back up from there, near Ramona falls.

PCT Oregon

Trail from last year

Here’s a shot from last year on the section of the trail I skipped today. Today, the view was all rain and clouds.

Hiking gear

More worn out shoes

My new Altra Olympus shoes are coming apart already after only 221.1 miles. I’m going to try Gorilla glue on the toes and see if that will help. The rough trail (lava, rocks, etc.) just shreds shoes.

PCT Oregon

Lots of rain

I hiked up and over this mountain in the afternoon. 2,000 feet up, 2,000 feet down. I started hiking in an area that was swamped with day hikers. I know I’m seriously smelly and most of the other hikers gave wide berth.

I was soaked by the time I reached the summit and put on my rain jacket. I have a Zpack rain jacket and I think it’s ok as a wind barrier and semi-ok as a rain jacket. The jacket performs more along the line of keeping a little bit of heat “in” rather than as a serious rain barrier. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re geared for light rain and drizzle, not heavy rain.

It was a nice easy hike down the trail to meet up with Noelle.

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  1. Chainsaw Manlove

    Perhaps the odor from your feet is degrading the adhesive of your Altra Olympuses?? Best of luck and much kudos on your trek to Monument 78!!


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