Miles today: 31

Trail miles sum: 1516

Trail location: 2198.3

Elevation: 3500

Spinning on the turntable: Steve Perry: Sun Shines Grey

Survey says….long uphill climb.

The climb this morning was very humid. The weather forecast indicated it would be about 85% this morning.

The cloud cover was low enough that I ended up hiking through the cloud and I trekked uphill. As long as I kept moving I was ok but when I stopped I would immediately start getting cold.

My shirt was seriously soaked with sweat. Like dripping wet. Knowing that I was in hypothermia “zone” I just kept moving.

Many of the PCT signs have been stripped of their PCT stickers and repurposed as hiker billboards. Some I find amusing and others I find annoying.

Soon enough the clouds started to disappear and I began to dry out. My shoes, socks and shorts are dry so it wasn’t a big deal.

I stopped for lunch at this bridge.

It was nice to relax next to the water for a few moments.

A thru-hiker next to me was eating his lunch too. A jar of peanut butter with M&M’s sprinkled on top! I’m not quite there yet…

Hiking along the ridge allowed for multiple mountain sightings.

It’s hard not to love this kind of hiking. The “green tunnel” drives me crazy. Ridges are so much more interesting!

I spotted a black bear hanging out in the huckleberry bushes this afternoon. The bear saw me and took off running. I didn’t even have time to try to snap a picture. It was really big.

Two separate trail magic sites rounded out the day. A water refill at the first site and dinner and beer at the second site. I finally managed to eat a trail magic hot dog and it was so! good!

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