Noelle here:

What a wonderful last week at home and a great couple days back on trail!

We had such a good time visiting family. We ran out of time to see any friends, next time!

This morning I realized we were parked near this grave on the Washington side of the Bridge of the Gods. I’ll have to read up on the Cascades Massacre the tombstone mentions.

On our first day I met Steve along a gravel road. Sigh. I feel nervous on them, like what if I can’t get to the trailhead or what if I get stuck. But this one wasn’t too bad. I’m calling myself an everyday day-hiker now, haha. It’s always so fun when I’m heading Southbound on the trail and Steve pops around a bend! Everyday it’s a little surprise when I might see him. I was taking a picture of this sign and there he came!

The next morning Steve hiked out and I drove ahead to meet him at Crest Camp.

Once I got there, I saw llamas and lots of people. They were a group called Pass to Pass for Parkinson’s. The llamas carry gear so Parkinson’s folks can hike. They were just finishing a 52 mile trek!

Then I met Cowboy and Jay Bird. They were set up and doing Trail Magic! I hung out with them and hikers till hiking out myself to meet Steve.

That’s Homemade, with Cowboy. She’s from New Zealand. She has a YouTube channel called Restless Kiwi. She’s kind of awesome!

We got back to the van and got a hot dog! Yummy! Turns out that Cowboy lives about a half mile from my sister in Vancouver, so he invited us to pop in for a visit once we’re off trail.

Next morning, Jay Bird helped me check the van’s house battery and tighten a loose nut. The lights weren’t working last night so I hoped the loose connection was the cause.

Then on I went to meet Steve near Trout Lake.

He also checked out the battery and connection that evening. So cute!

Even with the battery not charging, it was a good first couple days in Washington!

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