Miles today: 25.6

Trail miles sum: 1541.6

Trail location: 2223

Elevation: 3508

Spinning on the turntable: James McMurty: Complicated Game

It’s great seeing the older PCT signs embedded in the trees as the trees have begun to encapsulate the metal.

I’m looking for wildlife but I’m not finding too much today. Too many places for the animals to hunker down when they hear my approach.

I visited my cardiologist and GP last week when I was in Portland. I was feeling very run down for the past week or two and wanted to verify that all was well. Looks like I’m still good to continue the trek.

The continued weight loss had our attention.

Ballpark weight loss so far is around 50lbs. Based on my prior experience with marathon training/running, I’m expecting to head closer to 170lbs before we wrap this up. We’ll see. I’m running out of hip belt to tighten up the waste strap on my backpack. 😳

Trail magic for lunch? Thank you very much! Hot dog? Chili? Beer? Soda? Why yes, thank you very much. Thus far, Washington trail magic is absolutely crushing Oregon. Crushing.

The rainy weather has brought out the mushrooms early this season. I’m enjoying looking at all of them.

I have no idea what this is but it sure looks interesting! It kind of reminds me of steamed dumplings….Or I may just have food on my mind!

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