Miles today: 6.5

Trail miles sum: 1547.1

Trail location: 2229.4

Elevation: 3894

Spinning on the turntable:

Rain, rain go away…

Storm warning on the weather forecast so I hustled 6.5 miles to a close pick up point and Noelle picked me up. Other hikers were doing the exact same thing and headed for town to escape the rain.

Trail Magic

Trail magic food can

What do I find next to the trail? More trail magic! Seriously, this is three days in a row!

Trail Magic

Trail magic

We headed into Trout Lake and ate breakfast while waiting for a mechanic to take a look at the van. The house batteries aren’t charging and we have no idea why. It’s no fun having access to water and a toilet if you can’t use them! Plus it’s getting dark sooner and lighter later in the morning so interior lights are good!


Van battery

The mechanic had no idea either! Anyway, while the mechanic tinkered I ate a second meal. I was feeling a little guilty until I noticed that most of the hikers who had eaten earlier were now back eating a second time.

The free time today was nice but the lack of miles wasn’t so nice. The weather has me very much on edge. I know if it starts raining my mileage is going to tank so I’m just trying to stay positive and move forward.

PCT Washington

Weekly distance

I think I’m getting closer to my maximum daily mileage. As the Brazilian told me “Anything over 26 miles a day is just the shits”. I’m inclined to agree.

The rain has everyone a little edgy and casting worried eyes skyward.

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