Miles today: 22.1

Trail miles sum: 1569.2

Trail location: 2251.5

Elevation: 4767

Spinning on the turntable: Trampled by turtles: Life is good on the open road

The rain looks beautiful on the foliage, and soaks my shoes and socks. I’m now rotating my socks after about three hours. In the afternoon it warms up so I can dry out a bit.

There’s just something incredible about hiking early in the morning. If all hikes were this good I’d hike every day for the rest of my life. It’s very much like chasing a runners high.

I don’t know why burn out sections continue to surprise me, but they do.

Hiking next to Mt. Adams is simply exquisite. I’m embarrassed that we live so close to here but haven’t hiked here. Our bad.

It’s physically easy to hike on these kinds of trails, yet the lack of a view drives me crazy. Dare I say that I find it rather boring?

The glacier melt off has so high concentration of silt so it appears murky. It’s actually pulverized rock. I did not resupply my water although I did see a couple hanging out and smoking. There are more smokers on the trail than I would have expected.

The mushrooms are great fun! The early rain has the area just exploding with all kinds of mushrooms.

I’m definitely missing my point and shoot camera. I’m not able to capture quite as many animal pictures as I was previously. The warranty company kicked the camera back to Sony for repair. Sigh. Hopefully I’ll see it again during the Washington section of the hike. I really want to snag a picture of mountain goats.

In many ways thru-hiking is a travesty. The views can be so spectacular that the only sensible action is to stop and marvel. I stop, take a picture, and move on.

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