Miles today: 15.6

Trail miles: 418.6

Elevation: 4915

Spinning on the turntable: Lizzie: Back to forever

With mutual assurances that we wouldn’t get ourselves killed today, Noelle and I split up after breakfast.

I had a nice relaxing five mile downhill hike.

I really enjoyed the relaxing start to the day. I plugged in the earbuds and enjoyed the sights. Good times.

After five miles of easy downhill it was five miles of uphill. The hiking was easier today than it was yesterday, I’m glad that my hiker legs didn’t abandon me during our week off trail! I was a bit nervous.

Trail sections like this make me smile. No matter how alone we think we are out here, this is a well traveled path. We can walk for hours and not see a soul, but when we stop for a few minutes lots of hikers will pass by us. Not always, but often.

And these posts! Who hauled out these beasts and buried them? Kudos to whomever that was, my hats off to you!

The snag hazard sign was a first! There may have been others previously on the trail, but this was the first one that I saw. I didn’t find the area to be any more dangerous than other sections we’ve hiked through.

As I was headed towards camp, after being caught in the snow and rain, I really liked how this flower (or whatever it is) stood out in the fog. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I found it fascinating. Scale wise this plant was about seven feet tall.

It was really nice knowing that even though I was cold, a nice warm van was awaiting at the end of today’s trail. I could get accustomed to this lifestyle…

Tomorrow I’ll head out for a 18 mile jaunt. I’m curious how I’ll feel at the end of the day. We looked at our maps and Noelle can’t make it to my destination in the van. I’ll be trying out the new tent and stove.

A wise man would have set up the tent ahead of time but I’m not that wise man. I did test the stove and it seemed to work ok. We’ll see!