PCT: Day 58

PCT day 58

Miles today: 17.5

Trail miles: 436.1

Elevation: 4169

Spinning on the turntable: David Gray: A new day at midnight

Today was a long, wet, cold hike. When we woke the rain was falling and it really didn’t look that inviting outside. Noelle was planning to hike a few miles with me but changed her mind when we looked at the rain. (Smart move!)

It was damp as I worked my way uphill through the clouds. A deer appeared out of the mist at one point and we eyed each other from across a opening in the bushes. Once I attempted to snag my phone to capture its picture it disappeared into the mists.

The temperature was in the mid 40’s (7C)I kept busy moving to stay warm. I stopped for a mid-morning break and filtered some water from a stream. I chatted with a Norwegian couple who are getting off the trail in day or so to head to the nearest REI to purchase warm weather gear. It’s cold.

I appreciate the ultra light gear weights, but the majority of the hikers (my opinion) really push the safety envelope by carrying the absolute minimum amount of gear. I saw someone pass me in a dress this afternoon as I was huddled beneath the bush line eating lunch.

PCT day 58

A freezing rain/fog/wind/cloud was whipping up the mountain so I hit the deck for twenty minutes and ate my lunch. No one passing me looked like they were having a good time. The young lady in the sun dress looked super cute, but super cold.

PCT day 58

As I approached another summit the wind was just howling.

[wpvideo dzlO5Alr ]

I was glad to descend a bit later in the afternoon. The weather cleared up a bit, defined as not raining, and I dried out a little bit during the last mile.

PCT Day 58

I was happy to make it to camp. I stayed at a Ranger station and they offered a soda, snack and hog dog in exchange for a two dollar donation. It was a good investment.

I set up the new tent without too many difficulties. It’s a bit tight, but I fit, sort of.

PCT Day 58

The new stove worked as advertised. It was great to have a hit meal after a cold day damp and cold hiking.

PCT Day 58

The tent site was a popular location. I counted 17 tents before I turned in for the evening. Hikers were still rolling in around 8:30. The camp site quieted down by 9PM.

PCT Day 58


  1. Cobrabra

    It looks like you need Cobra insurance… Ahaha

  2. Anonymous

    It’s good to see you’re on the move again. Good luck and hang in there. Love, Mom n Dad

  3. Danielle Collins

    That wind is wild! Stay safe! 💕

  4. rosiewalking

    No waiting in the death zone on the PCT. Mt. Everest is death waiting for someone while waiting to tickle the summit.


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