Miles today: 20.7

Trail miles: 587.2

Elevation: 4730

Spinning on the turntable: Sammy Hagar & The Circle: At Your Service

The day started with a nice little hill climb to limber up my joints. I hit the top of this hill within a few hours.

I liked this drain hole at the base of the canyon.

In some areas there’s lots of signs, in other areas, mile and miles with no signs. It’s nice to have a reminder every once in awhile that I’m following the right trail!

It’s official now, I’m tired of the wind turbines. They’re fun to look at, but I’m over it. It’s so dang hot and I’m just dragging my carcass down the trail.

I made it to the tent site around 4:30. I put the tent up, blew up my air mattress and took a short nap.

I was invaded with bugs near sunset. I made a mad dash for the bushes, did my business and hustled back into the tent.

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