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Noelle here:

I’m feeling disappointed today. There just isn’t a way to get to Steve as often as I’d like. We look at maps and Guthook and try to make a good plan. It simply doesn’t work sometimes.

The trail is in the wilderness. Most roads in the wilderness are dirt. Paved roads are a luxury out here. It is what it is.

The van can’t go on most of the dirt roads. I talked to two rangers at two different stations.They both said not with the rain they’ve had this year. The van won’t make it. So now I wait at a trail head, at the end of pavement and Steve probably won’t get here for two more days. I could go back to a town but it’s literally 50 miles to a gas station, and the van gets 10-12 miles per gallon, so I’m staying put. 😏

In the morning I’ll hike some. I feel disappointed that I continue to let Steve down. We were planning to meet tomorrow, of course he’s carrying enough food for longer, just in case. He either has to do huge miles today and tomorrow in the exposed heat or we’ll meet up the following day.

Some days this van isn’t the greatest option, but it’s still better than a day in a cubicle! 🤣🤣🤣

Day 3 at the trailhead:

Trail Magic

Filling the water cache

Trail meal

Huge water cache

On the other hand, my time here has also been good. I’ve had the opportunity to be a trail angel myself and to witness an awesome trail angel who keeps two separate water coaches stocked. So that’s the good side of being a roadie.

The pictures are dark because he comes after work every other day, he fills and delivers so many five gallon jugs!

Also the stars have been amazing the last few nights and the sunsets and sunrises beautiful!


Sunset in the desert

All in all, roadie life is different than the experience I wanted out here. But it’s still pretty great!

Got to hang out with these three hikers this afternoon: Toboggan, Sarah and Glow Worm (check him out on Instagram #civilized_barbarian). Ended up driving them into Lake Isabella and then getting some Mexican food!

PCT hikers

Tobaggon, Sarah and Glowworm

The heat got to Sarah so she’s taking a day or two off. Toboggan and I are heading back to the trail head and he’ll start again tomorrow!


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  1. Cheryl c

    Steve is lucky to have you! In the Sierra you’ll be even farther apart. I bet he looks forward to seeing you. Don’t sweat it. Enjoy the hikers. Be a trail angel. And I hope Steve makes it the whole way. Good luck!


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