PCT day hike Near Walker’s Pass


Noelle here:

My plan for the day was to hike about four miles up the PCT to meet Steve. Turns out it’s super hot by 10:00am and I don’t really care for the uphill with no shade. I looked ahead, saw no cover, so I’m currently sitting down in what looks like the last shade for awhile.

Another great sunset last night.

But RocketDad’s party went till after midnight last night. That’s the real midnight, not the hiker one of 9pm! It was loud. Loud fun which I really didn’t mind, but it did keep sleep away.

That’s Watermelon below eating some, well, watermelon!

PCT hikers


Around 10:30 last night, a car pulled up right beside me. A guy messed around for a half hour, shining his headlamp into the van (unintentionally as he gathered items from his trunk). Then he tramped off to go set up his tent. Who decides to go camping at 10pm at night? It freaked me out a tiny bit but the party was still in full swing so I felt secure.

This morning I visited with Flamingo and her mom. Flamingo did the trail from here north last year. So yesterday she (& her mom) completed the PCT from Campo back to this original starting point! It’s a huge accomplishment. They’re from North Carolina and heading home today.


It’s so hot here

Well I’m stalling because this is a great seat in the shade but the trail isn’t going to walk itself (Claire) so I’ll head up some more. 😁


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