PCT: Rocket’s party at Walker Pass Campground

Noelle here:

We had a great campsite on the side of the road last night!

Steve started hiking before 5am today, and I may have fallen back asleep for a while after he left. At some point I headed down the road to the next meeting point at Walker Pass Campground. Picked up three hikers on the way, two of whom promptly laid down in the back and fell asleep. 😴

I saw some trail magic starting to happen at the campground so I walked over. It was actually the big party we’ve been hearing about for the last couple days. Rocket’s Dad (appropriately named RocketDad) set up some big tents and had beer, soda, water and all kinds of snacks. A young man named Pocket was not to be outdone so his mom came with more goodness too.

Walker Pass

I played Yahtzee, drank a beer, ate some watermelon and mostly hung out with another introvert who’s a scientist making medicine (I can’t remember her real title).

Hikers at Walker Pass

You won’t see me in this picture of party- goers (that I stole from FB) because, when the promised hot dogs did not arrive, but the drinking got heavier, I made my retreat to the van. I can socialize when there are hot dogs on the line, but they never materialized and I’d rather read a book! (Thanks again Rosie for all the new paperbacks!)

Soon after my retreat, I heard the chants begin: “Chug it down!” 😂

Now I hear a young man belting out Alannis Morrisette’s “You oughta know”. He’s getting a lot of applause and cat calls. It’s not good like he should be in a band, but it is definitely good for like 60 PCT hikers in a campground!

It was a fun afternoon of relaxing with hikers and a nice evening of hearing laughter and music while reading! Just wish Steve were here for it too!


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