PCT: fav trail town: Wrightwood

PCT Wrightwood

Noelle here:

So admittedly I came here by Uber, bypassing the two-day uphill grind. That already had me feeling relaxed. But this town!!! Everyone asks about our hike, if we have a place to stay and if we need a ride. They really seem to love hikers. 💕

You come to town and go to the Hardware store, sign a register, get a commemorative pin, view a long list of locals who want to host you, sit on the patio, charge your phone and leave your backpack while you wander around town. So nice!!! And everything is close together!

The Village Grind gives hikers a free cup of coffee. The gas station gives hot dogs!

The grocery store has free items in bins for hikers. There were little deodorants. Lots of them, because what’s the point??? 🤣🤣🤣I did get a sandwich. It reminds me of the ones I love from Tokyo.

Wrightwood Trailtown

Books and sandwiches

Yes that’s sparkling water in a fancy glass! And a Reader’s Digest from Winter 1966 that I’m reading, courtesy of our hotel room! What a treat!

Wrightwood Trailtown

Steve relaxing with a cold one!

Steve got here yesterday afternoon. I could see on the GPS that he was close to the trail head so I went to the hardware store. Of course, there were people there willing to give me a ride to get him! So fun to be able to pick him up. Another hiker came off the trail right then too, so we picked him up!

While I waited for him, I sat and talked with a young man who I first met on my descent back to the hotel a couple days ago. What an enjoyable way to pass an afternoon! He was such a delight and it turns out he and Steve actually camped next to each other last night but both being introverts, they didn’t even talk. 🤣🤣🤣. Andrew, I certainly hope we meet again. Although your fast legs are probably long gone by now!

Wrightwood Trailtown

Andrew and me

So much kindness from people on this trail. I can’t say it enough. This morning we saw Two Shoes, who gave me some anti-nausea medicine the other day. It was so good to see her again when I was feeling human and could give her a proper thank you.

Tomorrow we hike again. I haven’t hiked for almost a week (well except for my out and back). I feel nervous and excited and restless (& rested) from sitting around. Here’s to recovering in trail towns!!

Wrightwood Trailtown

Water in a real glass


  1. Bill Kingman

    That’s a pretty big smile, congrats!

  2. Deb

    This morning we left our home in the San Diego area for an extended weekend trip to Tahoe. Driving the I 15 through the San Bernardino mountains my husband and I started talking about the PCT. We have two friends who had hiked the PCT years ago and I remembered how much I had enjoyed reading their trail journals. I looked up PCT and started scrolling through the different blogs and came across yours. I’ve spent the last hour catching up on your adventure from day one and am living vicariously through you. The irony of the fact that at 5:30 this morning I was just a few miles outside of Wrightwood and 8 hours later am sitting in a cabin in Tahoe. A feat that will take you much longer I’m afraid! But you will have a lifetime of memories and bragging rights!
    I’m am in awe of this undertaking you have embarked on and look forward to continue following your journey. You are an inspiration. You will be in my thoughts, and prayers for a safe trip. Noelle, I think your trail name should be “Little Engine!”

    • mcgarveysan

      Thanks Deb! It’s so fun that you came across our blog! That’s a pretty good trail name, for a lot of reasons, I might just take it! 💕 Noelle

  3. Anonymous

    So much adventure! I’m really happy to hear how nice the strangers are 🙂 be safe out there


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