Noelle here:

We summited a mountain today! Holy smokes! 9406 feet!

That was insane. We got a ride out of town from a very nice lady and her dog, Circle.

She dropped us in the parking lot and then we started climbing. We climb. We descend. We climb again. Pacific Climbing Trail. That’s a more accurate name.

3000 feet up. Snow started about a mile and a half from the parking lot. We put on our micro spikes. We slid. We fell. We kept going.

[wpvideo XHfU69Ew ]The last mile abandoned the trail altogether. We climbed straight up! Some places had good steps but most places had giant steps. I fell a lot. 🤣 🛷 🎿 👍

You can see Steve at the top of the hills, waiting for me!

At the summit, we talked for quite a while with a German couple. They’re making a documentary. Check out their blog:

We were pushing for Little Jimmy Campground but I couldn’t make it. I felt so exhausted. What a crazy difficult first day back. We stopped about three miles short, but still found a beautiful site.