PCT: Hiker Trash & Hiker Town

PCT Hiker Town

Noelle here:

I now seem to be collecting trash from hikers. It takes the term Hiker trash to a brand new level. 🤣

PCT Hiker Town

Welcome to Hiker Town

I met a couple German women yesterday, who I shared some of Donna’s hard boiled eggs with! And I ended up taking their garbage. It’s the small things that make a difference out here. Getting rid of your ziplock full of trash is huge!

PCT Hiker Town

Abandoned tractor

Once I got to Hiker Town, I sat outside with a hiker from Canada and one from Australia, who I’d met on my way up the trail Sunday. She didn’t recognize me at first because I was in clean hiking pants, with flip flops on! We really do have a uniform out here and if it varies much, we become invisible to each other! They were planning to leave in the evening once the weather cooled off. The next stretch over the aqueduct is exposed and HOT!

PCT Hiker Town

Hiker town buildings

We chatted with the owner for awhile about how the “town” came to be. He bought the property in 2003, but the first morning there, his wife noticed a whole bunch of hobos camping in front of the house. They realized their corner was right where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses a major road.

PCT Hiker Town

Hiker town

Over time, his wife built all the little buildings so the “hobos” would have somewhere to stay. What generosity we continue to experience out here. It’s fantastic!

PCT Hiker Town

Hiker town Hotel

Steve and I drove down the road for dinner, where we saw this map on the wall.

PCT Hiker Town

World Map of Hiker origins

PCT Hiker Town

Lots of pins in the US

I’m surprised by how many Americans are on the trail as it seems that we meet far more travelers from far away than from here. Here’s a couple close ups. I’m not surprised by how many West Coast hikers, as we are definitely out here en force!

PCT Hiker Town

Quite a few pins from Europe

Anyway. I’m not fully Hiker Trash anymore, but I’m still accepted by the tribe. I mentioned boiled eggs and the rest of a dozen flew out of my hands so fast! Donna, your chickens are a hit! And they helped me make friends: double bonus 👍😁


  1. dbigl

    I am glad the eggs were a hit. I wish I could continue to provide eggs, you are moving beyond my ability to deliver on a regular basis. 🙁

    • mcgarveysan

      Haha! You’ve gone above and beyond. You’re a behind the scenes Trail Angel!! 🥰


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