PCT: Hoping to get back to the trail


Noelle here:

We’re hoping to head back to California tomorrow. It’s now been two weeks since the Washington border.


Views from Dad’s hospital room

My dad has three fresh stents in his heart’s arteries. It was the best outcome we could have hoped for given the Parkinson’s and the severity of plaque buildup. He should get to go back home tomorrow. In the meantime, at least he has great views from his hospital room!

The transition for Steve’s parents to assisted living is moving forward. The irony isn’t lost on either of us that we began this hike with my dad moving into assisted living and we’ll end it with his parents moving in.

We’ve planned this adventure for a few years now, but our timing was based on the status of our children. Our youngest daughter got married last summer and that was our last “planned kid expense”. We still have one unmarried son, but we believe that when he marries it will likely be on a river’s edge and the reception will center around fishing. Now THAT would be one hell of a wedding in my mind!

Anyway we didn’t factor parents’ needs into our adventure equation when obviously they should have been higher on our radar. I’m frankly pleased by how long we got to be on trail without illness or unrest. Oh parents! 😂

(Hi Bill! ❤️)

We’re definitely planning to head back to the trail, but each day we see more snow reports. Snoqualmie Pass to the Canadian border now has several inches of snow. Steve made it through just in time!

Hikers in California are reporting lots of cold weather and snow. We need to get back before the window closes.


Movie night!

Being home does have some benefits though, as our oldest daughter invited us to see a scary movie with her and one grandson. Me and Trish went and there were sure some jumps and scares! What a fun evening.


Stocking up again

Yesterday we did a little resupply. Steve got a warmer rain jacket and some new socks. We stopped by Trader Joe’s. They have the best hiker resupplies! We’re stocked up on packets of coconut oil and tiny raviolis and tortellinis.


Cleaning at Dad’s

This morning Steve finished steam cleaning the carpet and furniture in Dad’s apartment. He did half yesterday, we figured what better time to do it. This afternoon we’ll put all his furniture back in place before he gets released from hospital tomorrow. Dad will be in great hands again.


Bill and Estelle with Steve’s brother

Steve’s brother is taking a turn at the reins for assisting their parents, so they’re also in great hands.

With any luck…tomorrow…we’re coming for you, California!


PCT map


  1. Heidi L Halverson

    The weather looks great!

  2. Anonymous

    Prayers for you both and your parents. Hope the weather holds out for you folks. Where will you pick up on the trail and where will you end?

    God bless you both💗🙏❤️

    Liz from FresnoRetro

  3. Bertha M Fresquez

    sending you my love and prayers. both for your hiking and for your parents. God bless you guys. You both continue to amaze and inspire me with your love and kindness. Bertha F

  4. David Peterson

    Hope you get back and the weather, and the trail treats you well!

    Red Teacup

  5. Mason

    If you need a place to rest, we are in Orland…plenty of room for the van and good food. Mason


    Prayers for both of you in dealing with parents and on your next adventure. Much love!


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